the Imagination House


Finishing the Interior Finishing the Interior Finishing the Interior
Protect your hands


Painting the Imagination House dollhouse


Paint: [See the Paint-Color worksheet]
Brushes and rollers:
2" foam brushes (at least 2) for the housebody
1" foam brush (at least) for each paint color
3" foam roller for smooth and interior surfaces
3/16" flat artist's brush for small details

Sandpaper: very fine sandpaper (at least 3 sheets)
Faux-Wood Flooring: (if chosen) [video]
A stiff hand brush
Paper towels and "clean-up" supplies
A knife or scraper for cleaning up drips on the edges


Protect the work surface: cardboard, newspapers, but wax your table first to help protect from paint accidents

Protect your hands: latex gloves or petroleum jelly and talcum powder

These parts take a large area to spread out for painting and drying; make sure you have enough space!
Latex painted parts can not be stacked even after the paint seems dry or they will stick together.
If you must stack painted parts, separate them with waxed paper.


First coat [video] everything that will be painted in the finished house, inside and out (except the roofs).  Don’t get paint on edges that will be glued, on the ends of posts or rails, or in the walls' grooves

Sand [video] everything that has been painted. Sand thoroughly until the surface is smooth and feels “soft”, and the paint is transparent with some of the wood showing through. Sand the clapboard with folded sandpaper, one clapboard course at a time.
Second coat [video] all exterior parts