the Imagination House


Wiring the Imagination House dollhouse

The Best 1 Wiring set (everything you need for basic wiring of the Imagination House)

  the Best1 Wiring set: what's in it? Best1
Other Supplies (separate purchases)
  Tapewire & Eyelets(15 or 30 feet for more wiring or wiring an addition);
Finishing Supplies: Liner Paper, Wallpaper
Wiring during construction (easiest)
  Construction & Wiring [slideshow1]
  Construction & Wiring [slideshow2]
  Jack Wiring and the Base Run [slideshow3]
  Prepare for Porch Wiring
  Coach Lamps
  Ceiling Run, Sconce Run [slideshow4]
  Eyelets and Testing [slideshow5]
  Tapewire can be allocated differently from this plan... it's your project! Adding more elsewhere means buying another roll or doing less of what you see here.
Wiring after construction
  The Main Run [slideshowA1]
  Jack Wiring and the Base Run [slideshow3]
  Prepare for Porch Wiring   #1: Main Loop
  Coach Lamps   #2: Base Runs (review "Prepare for Porch Wiring")
  Ceiling Run, Sconce Run [slideshow4]     End the BaseRuns 2½" or more from the back edge
  Eyelets and Testing [slideshow5]   #3: Ceiling Runs
      #4: Sconce Runs use the tapewire that's left over
Finishing over tapewire  
  Liner Paper or Spackle What is Liner Paper?  
  Paint the ceiling  
Porch Wiring  
Install Fixtures  
  ET250 Electrified Turntable    
  Small Outlet    
  Large Outlet